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You would be hard pressed finding too many people who are very enthusiastic about cleaning their gutters.

On a sweltering Perth day, while you wait for the Fremantle Doctor to finally cool things off, climbing up a ladder, wallowing elbow deep in whatever ooze and mud and leaf litter (and possibly wasp nests) that happens to be clogging up your gutters, is not high on many people’s ‘Can’t Wait To Do’ list. You want to be with friends or family, or maybe just enjoying the cool of your air conditioned home.

And Pro Gutter Cleaning Perth totally gets that. Our gutter cleaning services, which we provide for the city of Perth and its suburbs, will allow you to get back to doing what you want to do, while we do the cleaning that needs to be done. 

Performing gutter cleaning jobs have consequences; cleaning gutters at a height has a number of potential problems, and the safety of you, your family and our contractor’s are our highest priorities.

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gutter cleaning Perth

Don’t think we only do gutter cleaning’s for domestic home owners, either.

No, we also perform Commercial Gutter Cleaning services, as well. Whether you own a shop, or an office building, or perhaps a hotel … well, let’s put it this way – if you own something that has gutters, and those gutters need a clean, call us to get the job done for you. It doesn’t matter how big the job is, or how far off the ground it is, we will ensure that the job is done professionally, quickly and safely.

We’ve mentioned our Gutter Cleaning services for both domestic and commercial customers, but let’s not forget we also perform Solar Panel Cleaning services. Sitting up on the roof all day, often not protected from the elements, our solar panels can get pretty knocked around and covered with leaves, dirt, mud and the droppings of whatever bird just happens to be flying by.

A solar panel requires its entire surface area to be devoted to the gathering of the sun’s rays, otherwise, the energy output of your panels diminishes, which could cause the cost of energy to increase.

And that is not something you want.

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About US

At Pro Gutter Cleaning Perth, we know that any chance of repeat business depends on how well we perform our job. As gutter and solar panel cleanings are not one-off services, but services that need to be repeated over the life of the home, our main focus will not simply be on the single job that we can perform for you now, but proving that we can be your Gutter and Solar Panel Cleaning company far into the future.

We’re thinking about the long term, and as such, we know that the service and care that we provide is paramount.

Any job that requires a contractor to come to your home or place of business to perform their job quite clearly requires a matter of trust between you and the contractor. We are performing a cleaning service on your home, the place where you are supposed to feel most safe, and that responsibility is never taken likely.

Every job we perform will be done with attention to detail and complete care. We want you to trust us with your business, not just for now, but for years into the future.

If this sounds like a company you want working on your gutters or solar panels, wait no longer. Call us now. Or fill in the free quote form, and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

Gutter Cleaning in Perth

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Residential Gutter Cleaning Perth

residential gutter cleaning Perth

Backed-up and clogged gutters can cause your roof, walls and foundation to become water damaged, leading to rust, mildew, mould and rot.

All it takes is a clean from an experienced Gutter Cleaning Perth contractor expert to unclog your gutters, and get your water flowing down your drain pipe. ​

And speaking of your drain pipes, not only do we clean your gutters, we unclog your drain pipes, too. We can get your gutter squeaky clean, but if the rest of the drainage system is clogged with dirt, leaves and other stuff, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

The water will still back up the pipe and overflow the gutter, making the potential for water damage to your roof, walls and foundation greater.

commercial gutter cleaning Perth

In regards to gutters and solar panels, Commercial Property Owners have all the problems a domestic home owner has … multiplied by the number of properties they own.

Most commercial property owners need to worry about more than just the one roof. You may own a hotel, be in charge of multiple school buildings, manage government offices, fast food restaurants or a fleet of town houses.

The reasons for cleaning your gutters and solar panels are the same as for residential owners. However, the effects of not doing it, can be even greater.

More clogged gutters means that there is more chance that, if left alone, the problem could become larger. Water that can’t flow down the downpipe and off the property means that water remains on your property in places where you don’t want it.

When a gutter is clogged, water does one of three things:

– It remains with the blockage; water-laden blockages are heavy, and gutters are not designed to carry heavy weight for long periods of time. This could lead to the gutters sagging away from the roof.

– The water backs up and flows on to the roof. Standing water on your roof can cause pressure points, which can cause leaks to form in your roof.

– The water backs up and flows down your waters and pools at your foundations. Erosion at your foundations can then possibly occur, which leaves your foundations exposed to the elements.

Whatever the scenario, Pro Gutter Cleaning Perth will provide a qualified expert treatment of your workplace gutters and solar panels.

solar panel cleaning Perth

Without much protection from the rain, wind and wildlife, your Solar Panels can take quite the beating. Think of leaves, dust, debris and your friendly neighbourhood feather friend’s droppings all covering your panels, and think also of how much that might affect your solar panel’s energy output.

To work at its optimal level, a solar panel requires the full surface of its panel to be available to pick up the sun’s rays. It’s a simple equation: less panel space = less energy output = you paying more for your energy.

Get your solar panels back to fighting shape, clean of all debris, working at full energy output by giving Pro Gutter Cleaning Perth a call.


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There are many Gutter Cleaning companies out there servicing the city of Perth and its surrounding suburbs. You want a company that is skilled, experienced and highly professional cleaning your gutters. But just as importantly, you want a company that is reliable, trust-worthy, with a friendly and caring attitude.

At Pro Gutter Cleaning Perth, we strive to not only be your gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning Company in the present, but far into the future as well. We know we can only do this by proving ourselves to be the skilled, experienced and highly professional company that we know we are.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

How Can I Know If My Gutters Are Blocked?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your gutters are blocked. You could climb a ladder every time you want to check, but that could be a little risky if you aren’t confident with heights.


Often people are only aware for the first time they have a gutter drainage problem when a big storm comes along and they find their gutter can’t handle the deluge of water.


So, clearly, that is one thing you should check; after it rains, how is the water flowing down your drain pipe? If your gutter is working as it should, if there are no blockages, you shouldn’t have water spilling over the sides of the gutter. Unless you are experience a severe torrent of rainfall, the gutter should be able to divert it down the drain pipe without incident.


Waiting for the weather is not the only way to foresee a problem. Check your gutters and take note of whether they are sagging. If there is debris and dirt and gunk in your gutters, the weight might be causing the gutter to sag a bit. This will be even easier to notice if you’ve had recent rain as the water will mix with the clogged gunk, giving added weight and increasing the sagging.


A further clue is if you notice mildew and rust. If water is not getting away properly, say due to a blocked gutter, the water will begin to affect its environment and in the way of mildew and rust. So, if there’s mildew or rust along the sides of your home or up high near your roof, that could be symptomatic of a water blockage problem, perhaps caused by clogged gutters.


Another clue relates to taking notice of who (or what) is coming to visit. Not your house … but your gutters. Little rodents really love the homely and safe confines of a gutter filled with leaves and debris. And all those leaves, twigs and mulch are simply eye-candy to birds who are looking for nesting material.


And finally, one of the biggest signs of a clogged gutter is if there are actually plants growing out of your gutter. You can be very sure you have a clogged gutter if there is enough soil and water to allow plants to grow.

Do I Have To Clean My Gutters?

It is a very good idea to clean your gutters, for one very good reason. Water. The whole point of gutters is to get rain off the roof and into your drainage system.


If something is blocking your gutters, than that water is not getting to where it needs to be. Now the water has to go somewhere, but with a clogged gutter, you are no longer in control of where it goes.


We all know the effects of water, over time, on wood and metal. We know metal rusts and wood becomes pulpy and mushy.


That could be what is happening to your property when you are no longer in control of where the water goes.


Because of blocked gutters, water may pool on the roof, and over time this might cause your roof to rot in places. This could lead to a costly roof repair visit. If water is pooling around the foot of your house, then your home’s foundations could be at risk.

And a lesser considered problem could be what the pool water might attract. We mentioned that blocked gutters might attract rodents and birds, but the pooled water might attract disease carrying mosquitoes and vermin, which might get into your home through cracks in your walls and roof.

Why Don't I Just Clean Them Myself?

So, we’ve managed to convince you that cleaning your gutters is a good thing, but you want to do it yourself. To which we say, please think twice about that.


It takes time and training and experience to work from ladders and the roof. Old gutters, or gutters that have been buckled due to the weight of the blockages within, may not be able to take the weight of the ladder plus you, and you don’t want to be at the top of the ladder when you realise that your perch is not as stable as it should be.


Did you know that it only requires a fall of a couple of metres to seriously injury yourself, and that every year 20 Australian’s die from a fall from their ladders?

But really … why take the risk? Particularly when there are companies like ours with contractors who are trained at working at heights, who can foresee whether a gutter’s integrity has been compromised, who can work quickly, expertly and safely, so that you don’t have to.

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